About Constable Scott A. Kingsley, J.D


Constable Scott A. Kingsley, J.D. has been serving the community since 1974, and is authorized to serve all civil process in the towns of Malden, Medford, Saugus, Somerville & Everett , subpoenas, arrests, notices, probate, and federal matters state-wide. For some services outside of these jurisdictions we will serve the process under MRCP Rule 4c or make arrangements with other Constables as needed. We can be contacted 24 hours a day at 781-665-7654. We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site!

Bonded Constables -All Constables must give a bond of $5000 to each city or town in which they have appointments. Many Constables are bonded in two or more cities. All Constables are either appointed or elected. Though there are many types of process that can be served statewide by a Constable or disinterested party, there are some documents that cannot. Summons and Complaint, Small Claims, Executions & Restraining Orders to name a few. We will only deal with trained and Bonded Constables assuring your process gets served in a timely and proper manner.

24 Hour Subpoena Service, Subpoenas taken by FAX / Phone or Internet - By working with other Constables we can offer Statewide 24 Hour Subpoena Service for most cities and towns in the Commonwealth. You can also submit the information via Email or print the Subpoena Request Form provided on this Web page and FAX it to us (please call for number). Once we have the information we will complete the document for you and serve it. We can also take the information over the phone if you wish to speak with us directly.

Out of State Services arranged - We often work with Constables, Sheriffs and process servers in other states and can easily make arrangements as necessary for process outside the Commonwealth.

 Bonded in the Cities of Malden , Medford, Saugus, Somerville & Everett MA , with Associates located throughout Massachusetts , to serve you.

Notary Public in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Master of Steam and Motor Vessels - 100 Ton

Northeastern University BS - Summa Cum Laude

Massachusetts School of Law - Doctor of Law